Dr. Gundlapalli’s presentation on Physician Burnout at TexMed 2017

Dr. Richa Joy Gundlapalli was a featured speaker at this year’s TexMed, hosted by the Texas Medical Association at the Marriott Marquis and George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. Her presentation focused on techniques to treat and prevent Physician Burnout.

TexMed is TMA’s premier educational showcase and expo, gathering Texas physicians, medical students, and medical office staff together each year to take advantage of free CME programming, networking events, and policy making in the House of Delegates.

Dr. Gundlapalli Presenting Physician Burnout

Dr. Gundlapalli’s presentation was on “Avoiding Physician Burnout: Integrating Mindfulness Strategies to Countering Compassion Fatigue.” She provided statistics showing the increasing rise of physician burnout, depression and suicidal thoughts among physicians. Along with medical specialties who are most prone to experiencing physician’s burnout, some medical specialties with the highest risk of burnout include emergency medicine, urology, physical medicine & rehabilitation and family medicine along with many others. Burnout can be triggered due to prolonged levels of stress, which can start affecting personal relations inside and outside of the work environment. Functioning, productivity and relationships take a tremendous hit. If it becomes severe enough there is a risk of mental health issues and suicide. Dr. Gundlapalli made techniques to combat physician burnout, a prevalent topic. Body awareness exercise and silent breath exercise were the first techniques presented. Followed by breathing & meditation where she presented the positive impacts and neuroscience of mindfulness meditation. Stress bursting and energy boosting exercises can be a great stress reliever proving to be healthy for your mind and body. The last technique she covered was to prioritize yourself and your experience of life. These techniques can be implemented into daily life and help prevent detrimental consequences in the future. She concluded her presentation on a positive note reminding the audience to make time for yourself and experience more building yourself a resilient lifestyle. Share your experiences with those close to you and pass it on.

Dr. Gundlapalli’s presentation shed a light on a growing problem within the medical community, while also demonstrating simple practices physicians can use to treat and prevent burnout. She enjoyed meeting with some of her attendees after the presentation answering questions and making new connections. Dr. Gundlapalli takes pride in mentoring doctors who wish to learn more and become certified in the Walsh Method of treatment.

To request a copy of her presentation, please feel free to email integrativewellnesscenters@gmail.com with a subject line of: TexMed2017 Presentation.

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