Integrative Wellness Center

At the Integrative Wellness Center (IWC), located (near) Creekside, Texas, 2 minutes south of The Woodlands. We are committed to transforming the traditional view of health care by synthesizing the best approaches from Modern Medicine with the wisdom of Holistic Approaches, Energy Medicine, Personalized Lifestyle & Nutritional Medicine and Meditation. Our Alternative therapies include treating: ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, gut health, thyroid disease, weight loss, etc. Our approach includes a thorough assessment in order to treat the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.

Energy Medicine

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Integrative Wellness Center offers energy medicine consultations based on the your unique needs. Our natural holistic medicine approach and alternative therapies, yield results often with decreased pharmaceuticals or often without them altogether. Health conditions include: ADHD, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more…

Functional Medicine

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The initial consultation is very crucial, we spend 60-90 min to understand your total health quotient including your circle of relationships and personal goals. Our treatment is determined by understanding the source of the ailment. Uniquely, we combine the world of statistically valid therapy by diagnosis, blood tests and urine tests.


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We operate with the principal that no two clients or health conditions are same, hence all of our consultations, engagements and programs are highly personalized to needs to our clients. Some key integrative medical services we provide are: Metabolic Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gut health – Celiac, Leaky Gut, Malabsorption, Thyroid Disease, Weight Loss, Women’s Health & Men’s Health.

Meet the Founder: Dr. Richa Joy Gundlapalli

Dr. Richa JoyDr. Richa Joy Gundlapalli is the founder of the Integrative Wellness Center and a Board Certified Physician, Integrative practitioner, Energy Medicine expert, Certified Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur.

Her work both in the USA and abroad has included working with chronic stress and fatigue, gut issues, mental health issues, brain health, depression, anxiety, burnout & sleep disorders and advanced nutrient therapy. She has been a sought after speaker as well in the above fields and is an avid trainer in the emerging field of energy medicine.

As an integrative healthcare practitioner, her interest is primarily focused on holistic wellness which aims to synthesize the best modalities of Modern Medicine with the wisdom of holistic approaches including mind/body medicine, personalized nutritional medicine and energy medicine.

The Integrative Wellness Center services clients in the Greater Houston area and internationally across the globe. Dr. Joy also provides training and certification for energy medicine and mind & body medicine.

What others say about us


I have enjoyed very deep meditation very much. I really felt in the moment and haven’t felt so relaxed for a while. Thank you very much!

B.B16yr Student

I used to travel a lot for my business and was exhausted to the point I couldn’t sleep. Now I feel very energetic even with 5 hours of sleep. Thank you Dr. Joy